White Sand and Stone


Internal & Spiritual arts embodied

Each class is held on selected Sundays throughout the year at The London School of Capoeira .  There are outdoor stairs leading to the hall, but no lift.

Often people who become interested in the "internal" arts (e.g. Tai Chi, Hsing Yi, Bagua and Yiquan) want to explore the full extent of physical and energetic possibilities.  These day long classes give people the time and space to learn the intricacies within these arts and develop the skills necessary to practise and enjoy them in their own time. 

The classes will detail the stepping methodology used in Bagua to Circle Walk, learn the Static Arm Postures and eventually practise the Mother Palm Changes.

The aim is to explore the "internal" aspects of strengthening the body, correct aligments, calming the mind and exploration of deeper internal components.

Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome. 

Payments can be made in the class by cash

The classes are relaxed, informal and friendly, but do contain a lot of information, so concentration and an eagerness to learn is important.  There are partner drills and a lot of solo practise.

Class dates for 2022

Sunday 5th June

Sunday 11th September

Sunday 6th Novermber