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Creating Mind Space

During classes and seminars, a guided non secular meditation can be practised.  These often last twenty to thirty minutes and are aimed at reducing stress, calming the mind and relaxing the body.

Guided meditation works well for people who find they spend too much time in their own heads over thinking and would like to slow down their thoughts to gain some space in their minds.

Meditation can be practised standing, sitting or lying and doesn’t require any special postures or equipment.

Meditate at home


"Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth..."

Specialised breathwork practises are currently available in the Qigong and Systema classes.

The Systema classes have been started specially to help people deal with the effect of Anxiety, Stress and PTSD and the breathwork in the classes is a very important part of the way Systema works to calm and relax people.

Special breathing patterns are used in combination with simple movement, physically challenging movement and as a standalone practise whilst lying down, to gain access to the nervous system (Vagus nerve etc.) to reduce stress, which may have accumulated and remained in the mind and body.  The movements and breathing helps to release the tension stored and allow people to experience calmness and relaxation in a safe and secure setting.

The Qigong classes generally practise breathing whilst being seated in chairs.  The aims are different to Systema's in that is also relaxes the body and mind and improves health by increasing breathing capacity, but more as a preparation for serious meditation, where the ability to breathe into different parts of the body becomes an important consideration.

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