Meditation for beginners to help cope with the stresses of modern living and an ancient moving meditation science.

Image by Keegan Houser


Creating Mind Space

During classes and seminars, a guided non secular meditation can be practised.  These often last twenty to thirty minutes and are aimed at reducing stress, calming the mind and relaxing the body.

Guided meditation works well for people who find they spend too much time in their own heads over thinking and would like to slow down their thoughts to gain some space in their minds.

Meditation can be practised standing, sitting or lying and doesn’t require any special postures or equipment.

Image by Guillermo Ferla


Every Journey Begins With a Single Step

Monastic Bagua is an ancient art with its origins said to be in the Kunlun Mountain (kūn lún shān 昆仑山) region of China.

Bagua has two branches, the Monastic and the Martial.  Bagua Zhang (the martial stream) has spread in the last century, with practitioners in various styles opening schools around the world.  The much older Taoist Monastic practises remained as an art taught to only a few, for health and spiritual purposes.  Both use walking and arm postures at a slow or fast pace to generate strength and energy which are applied for either martial, or meditative purposes.

Monastic Bagua contains deep understanding and practise of Taoist meditation techniques, which develop a very focused and relaxed mind, whilst the biomechanical turning, coiling, lengthening and spherical movements of the physical walking, makes the body strong.

Bagua is one of the three main “internal” arts founded in China; Bagua, Tai Chi and Xing Yi.  Each of these arts are well known as martial arts and each has its own techniques and specialised approach to fighting.  Also, each has its own technology to bring about health, energetic vibrancy and spiritual exploration.