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Whether you’re interested in trying out an art for the first time, or are looking to improve your skills in one you’re already involved in, Warrior Healers offers various seminars for every level of experience.  Join any of my events to develop your skillset in a friendly, professional and positive environment.



An ancient art for modern times

Shaolin Five Ancestors Gong Fu (五祖拳 CircA 618-907AD) is a combination of five old styles, each style has its own distinct flavour of movement and application.  Five Ancestors has spread from its origins in Southern China, to the UK in the 1970’s, when it was brought over by Grandmaster Han Kim Sen, the first teacher to bring the art to the West.

The practise of Shaolin Five Ancestors offers students all of the benefits of training in a traditional martial art:

  • Health

  • Fitness

  • Self Confidence

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Effective fighting ability

  • Connection to an authentic lineage

  • Self understanding

  • A lifetime of fruitful study and personal growth

Man Hiking in Nature


Strength of Mind, Body & Spirit

Systema has a long history and as with any long standing traditional art, it has integrated life, philosophy, culture and ethics with warfare.

Containing the depth, complexity and wholeness, usually only associated with high level Asian martial arts, Systema offers its practitioners mastery of themselves, through the practise of a principled approach dedicated to Breathing, Relaxation, Movement and Posture. These four pillars are the essence of Ryabko/Vasiliev Systema, which has spread throughout the world and gained the respect of people in all walks of life, whether they're professionals in the armed services, experienced martial artists, or normal everyday people.

It is very easy for the untrained eye to misunderstand, or not see the work skilled Systema practitioners produce during training or in real-life situations.  Systema looks simple in part because of the lack of ego involved during the training process and because of the naturalness of movements.  The compassionate approach to training and life by those who train regularly makes for a friendly and relaxed mind.

Systema for Health 

These classes remove the martial content and focus entirely on movement and breathing exercises which help reduce feelings of Anxiety and Stress.



Working Together

The self defence programs take participants through a variety of realistic violent situations and a number of possible ways to resolve them.  Participants train together in a safe and controlled environment to enable them to discover their own personalised way to defend themselves, which suits their body type, existing ability and mindset.

All ages and abilities are catered for and the seminars are suitable for beginners as well as those experienced in self defence and martial arts.

Individuals, private groups or companies can choose to have private (hourly) sessions, and groups can choose a format which suits them; two hour classes, whole day seminars, or weekly programs.

Previous groups have included the local Women’s Institute (WI), charitable event organisations, private clients, business owners, large corporate companies, trainee Police Officers, London Mayor's Office, Ealing Borough Council and Universities. Often classes will have a range of topics covered in each class, though exploring a single subject per class can be offered too.

Topics often covered:

  • Situational awareness training

  • Resilience under pressure

  • Striking

  • Improvised weapons

  • Understanding fear

  • Dealing with knives

  • Escape from grabs and holds

  • Defence on the ground



Every Journey Begins With A Single Step

Monastic Bagua is an ancient art with its origins said to be in the Kunlun Mountain (kūn lún shān 昆仑山) region of China.

Bagua has two branches, the Monastic and the Martial.  Bagua Zhang (the martial stream) has spread in the last century, with practitioners in various styles opening schools around the world.  The much older Taoist Monastic (sometimes called Bagua Neigong) practises remained as an art taught to only a few, for health and spiritual purposes.  Both use walking and arm postures at a slow or fast pace to generate strength and energy which are applied for either martial, or meditative purposes.

Monastic Bagua contains deep understanding and practise of Taoist meditation techniques, which develop a very focused and relaxed mind, whilst the biomechanical turning, coiling, lengthening and spherical movements of the physical walking, makes the body strong.

Bagua is one of the three main “internal” arts founded in China; Bagua, Tai Chi and Xing Yi.  Each of these arts are well known as martial arts and each has its own techniques and specialised approach to fighting.  Also, each has its own technology to bring about health, energetic vibrancy and spiritual exploration.

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