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Women in the Street


Self protection techniques and Self Defence

The core classes are taught to give women a set of skills to help protect themselves in their daily lives and if necessary in a worst case scenario self protection context.

Situational awareness is the most important skill to develop, which is practised and talked about in class as well as learning how to protect onself from being attacked and fighting back in order to escape.

In class women may learn the following and many other skills too:

  • Spotting danger warning signs

  • Defence from being hit

  • Hitting back; pushing away, punching and kicking

  • Escaping from being grabbed and held

  • Escaping from being pinned to the ground

  • Improvised weapon use

  • Dealing with pain and fear

  • Dealing with Anxiety and PTSD

...and much more.  Each class is different and the classes are tailored to meet the needs of the people attending.

Classes will be held at the Millers Way Project in Hammersmith.  Please contact them for more details

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