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What’s Going On?

My journey in martial arts and health practises has led me to believe that they can benefit all people.  Whether a child wants to gain the confidence of a superhero, a teenager combat anxiety, adults seeking a way to strengthen their bodies and their minds, or older adults wanting to gain mobility, there is an art to suit everybody.

I always seek to make learning fun, it’s just a part of my personality and I also really enjoy teaching, so my passion for these arts really shows.  The seminars and classes can be a gentle introduction into topics , or a deep dive into the intricate details.

I realise that I have a responsibility to pass on important information, some of which may save a life and all of which improve health.  I take this responsibility seriously, so if I’m teaching a self defence class, I make sure that I teach quality information which needs to be passed on clearly.  If I am teaching the depths of an art which comes through a lineage, then I am expected to communicate the information clearly, safely and without watering it down.  Passing on these arts comes with an obligation to previous teachers and masters to train the next generation of students with integrity, because the knowledge contained is not known by many and needs to be passed on correctly.

So whether you are new to any of these topics and would like to learn more, are seeking to add deeper understanding to your current practise, or are seeking to put together a seminar(s) for the employees of your company, please feel free to contact me.

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Working Together

Two hour seminars, one day events, or several month long programmes, have been used by several corporations, charity organisations and educational facilities onsite, to benefit employees and students.

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Monthly Meet Ups

On the first Tuesday of the month, Qigong, Meditation and Systema for Health classes are held at The Clophill Cnetre in Bedfordshire. Classes start at 7:30pm. Spaces are limited, so please contact us to check availability if you would like to attend.

Image by Omar Lopez


Topic Of The Day

Special topics can be covered in depth during day long, or weekend seminars. These can be held onsite, or suitable locations can be found and hired for attendees.

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In Person, or Online

Your opportunity to have close attention and explore a range of topics.  These sessions can be shared between two people at the same time.

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