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Training for Mind & Body

The current monthly Qigong classes are focusing on the Foundations of Qigong and what makes Qigong (also Tai Chi and other "internal" styles) work.  

A lot of people who practise Qigong and Tai Chi etc. think that just doing the moves and making them look impressive to others is what makes them what they are, but it's actually how they are practised and how they effect your body and mind to make you healthy and strong which is what distinguises people practising something which gives you vigor and vibrancy, as opposed to something which looks good to beginners, but is of little to no benefit to their health, or anybody elses. 

These classes will train people in the details of specilised biomechanics and methodology which make Qigong etc. unique.  Clear explanantions and lots of practise time will give everyone the opportunity to learn and develop real skill.

Each class is held on the first Tuesday of each month at Ampthilll Methodist Church, in the upstairs hall.  There are stairs and a lift leading straight to the hall.

Qigong has been used as a physical practise to improve health for thousands of years.  Individual exercises can be practised on their own or in a sequence as a way for practitioners to improve and maintain all aspects of their wellbeing.  Although Qigong originated in the East, it has spread all over the world and is practised daily by millions of people who seek to gain its benefits.

Tai Chi (which may sometimes look similar to Qigong) is actually a fighting art, a martial art and was adapted by different people to meet their interests and needs over time.  As part of its development, movements and principles from Qigong systems (and in some schools, meditation practises) were infused into Tai Chi which made it more health and wellbeing focused.  This is what has made it the popular health discipline it is today, so a good health based Tai Chi system, will have Qigong at its core.

People use Qigong as an effective standalone health practise, to improve their Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation or any other training they participate in, as well as a gentle recovery exercise from tougher sports and activities; a form of active rest.

During some of the classes there may be a short guided meditation, or breathing practise, which is usually practised whilst seated.

People sensitive to energy will find that Qigong gives them a framework for

understanding and developing their awareness.

General class format:

  • Warm up

  • Breakdown explanation of individual moves 

  • Practise of movements

  • Adjustments and corrections 

  • Practise

  • Meditation/Breathing session

All ages and abilities are welcome.  £10 per class  8-10pm  

Payment for classes can be made in class by card or cash.

The classes are relaxed, informal and friendly.  

Participants can train whilst keeping a distance from each other using solo exercises.

Class dates for 2022

January 4th, February 1st, March 1st, April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th, July 5th, August 2nd, September 6th, October 4th, November 1st, December 6th