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Trial Classes

This will be a new class which we will trial soon.  The aim of Men's Systema is going to be similar to the Family Systema class, where the martial aspects of the art will not be the emphasis of the classes, but will have a focus on its calming and resilience training methodology, to improve mental health.  This will be achieved through a variety of simple and occasionally challenging physical exercises which can bring about slight feelings of tension, fear, anger, uncertainty and self-doubt.  This may be achieved with something as simple as a forward roll, which sounds easy, but when the roll is done with your eyes closed (or 3 forward rolls in a row) whilst holding your breath, it can become a more challenging task, one which may bring up certain feelings and trigger issues people may have within themselves.  The build up in exercise intensity is always gradual and slow.

All classes will all be carried out under careful instruction and supervision to ensure everybody's safety. 

General class format:

  • Warm up: 5-10 minutes

  • Exercise and movement: 30 minutes

  • Breathing session: 10 minutes

  • Feedback session: 5-10 minutes

Concern for men's mental health has been in the spotlight in recent years as organisations such as the Samaritans report that suicide rates in the UK, Northern Ireland and England is highest in men aged 25-29 and 45-49.  Men are 3 times more likely in the UK and 4 times more likely in The Republic of Ireland to commit suicide than women.  (Source: Samaritans.)

We hope that this will become an opportunity for men to speak freely in a safe and confidential space about the issues they may be experiencing and learn methods to reduce the tensions, fears, anger and anxieties they experience.

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