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2019's Live Events.  We'll be back!

We offer a few open seminars per year, which can be booked and attended by anyone with an interest in the topics.  Here are some of last year's event details.



In person training and Zoom seminars

A weekend workshop studying an old and powerful set of gentle Medical Qigong movements. This weekend will be suitable for all levels of ability and experience, whether someone is completely new to the practices of Qi Gong and Tai Chi, or has decades of experience, all will find a lot to learn and explore.

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong has been used by millions of people in China to promote good health and recover from illness. Based upon the Chinese Acupuncture Meridian system, its aim is to enable the practitioner to gently stretch open their body (in a more gentle way than yoga) and contact subtle layers of connective tissue beneath the skin to release layers of tension.

This set of movements enables people to feel energy relatively easily and learn to become very sensitive to their own, as well as other people's.

Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong is suitable for everyone who:

  • prefers gentle exercise

  • are recovering from injuries/illness and need a gentle form of rehabilitation

  • are sensitive to energy and would like a form of exercise which provides a calming structure and detailed understanding of it

  • want a calming form of movement and exercise to combat stress and anxiety

  • already study Tai Chi and want to explore the core health benefits which are often not taught in Tai Chi classes

  • are martial artists and need a movement practice which will help to calm them down and recover from hard training

    This weekend will be split into two groups; beginners who will learn the first three movements, a warm up and sensitivity exercises to create a mini set and a novice group who have already learnt the mini set, or the whole set and will learn/refine a further two movements and sensitivity exercises. People who complete the first series will be invited to seminars which will explore the energetics of each movement.

    The follow up seminars will be arranged to take place in the next seven months, to enable participants to practise and refine what they have learnt, before learning the remaining four movements.

    During this initial weekend, participants will be taught three of the seven moves plus a warm up and integral sensitivity exercises. Everyone will work through movements on their own within a group setting and also some partner work to help each other gain a better understanding of the work and check correct alignments and bio-mechanics of the body.



In person training and Zoom sessions

Bagua Circle Walking is a low impact and dynamic form of Moving Meditation.

Related to, but different from Tai Chi, Bagua can create a healthy, flexible and strong body, whilst engaging and deep meditative practises. Stretching and strengthening tendons and ligaments, whilst moving in circular motion and deeply connecting to the breath enables practitioners to open their body and be less restricted and tight in their day to day lives.

Not always taught in the West, the Monastic tradition of the Bagua suits those more interested in the body and mind's health in preparation for spiritual practises, rather than being concerned with the martial aspects of the more popular and widely known "Bagua Zhang".

Anyone with an interest in, or currently practising Tai Chi, Qigong, Neigong, Yoga, Meditation, Primal Movement and Martial Arts who would like to explore the depths of connection between mind and body will enjoy this weekend.

Alignments of the body during movement are emphasised. This will ensure that the good quality information learnt in class, will continue to be practised outside of the weekend.

The progression in learning the Monastic Bagua tradition is as follows:

• Preliminary Warm Up Exercises

• Straight Line Stepping

• Circle Walking Stepping

• Static Arm Postures

• Single Palm Change

• Mother Palm Changes

Taken through this series of primary exercises, students learn the fundamental principles common to all of the Chinese internal arts and delve deeply into Bagua's own idiosyncrasies of stepping in circles, expression of spherical motion and it's emphasis on continual spiraling biomechanical alignments.

By the end of the weekend, students new to the art will be able to perform:

• Preliminary Warm Up Exercises

• Straight Line Walking

• Circle Walking Stepping

• The first two Static Arm Postures.

Existing students will have the opportunity to review and upgrade their knowledge of the Mother Palm Changes.

Image by Jia Ye


This will also be an informative morning, suitable for anyone with an interest in Tai Chi and Meditation, or anyone wanting to try something new.

We will explore how to use these three ancient arts individually and together as one, to help reduce stress, anxiety, fear and tension.

The morning will start with a seated introduction to meditation. We will then move onto learning an opening Tai Chi move, called "Commencement", which is often one of the first movements learnt in Tai Chi. It is a simple and gentle move to learn, which can be practised alone whilst standing, or seated.

After some individual practise time, we will sit and drink some specially selected Chinese and Japanese teas, which will be prepared carefully during the class, before sitting and meditating. There will be two cycles of practise, drinking tea and meditation, each time delving deeper into the content and making adjustments to broading and deepen the experience of whole body and mind relaxation.

By the end of the class, we hope that everyone will not only be calm and relaxed, but will have techniques which they can use to help release the anxiety and stress which may appear in their lives. All are welcome, absolute beginners and experienced practitioners alike.



Open to all practitioners of Han Kim Sen lineage Shaolin Five Ancestors Gong Fu.

This year’s seminar will explore the Neigong threads of Lengthening and Twisting in Sanzhan.

From the opening movement through to the last, Lengthening and Twisting are an important aspect of the “internal" training within Sanzhan.